An in-depth introduction about makeup mirrors

-About the classification, raw materials, structure, technology and the packaging.

This article aims at giving our purchasers a deeper insight into makeup mirrors/ cosmetic mirrors/ vanity mirrors and revealing the latest trend of this field. All the models we illustrated are our own products.

Basic technological introduction

  • The size of the mirror means the diameters at both ends of the metal edge (mirror ring). Theoretically, Chinese manufacturers can do any size on the mirror, but 7 inches and 8 inches are the popular choices.
  • Different R parameter (radius) corresponds to different magnification:

The magnification of a mirror depends on the thickness of the ring and the lens. The bigger the magnification is, the deep cupped the mirror surface is. According to our selling experiences, the best option is 3X in the double-side mirrors.

Customers should adjust their distance between the mirrors, larger mag requires closer distance.

Installation technology:

  • The raw materials of makeup mirror:

Iron, copper, stainless steel, alloy zinc, and plastic (PS plastic and ABS plastic) are the most frequent raw material used in the current mirror market. Household mirrors are in iron and plastic materials and hotel engineering projects most choice copper, stainless steel, and alloy zinc mirrors.

  • metal surface finishing:
  • plastic surface color:

Color injection (customized)/Color injection+ oil painted (glossy)/Color injection+ rubber painted (matte)/Color injection+ electroplated

Classification of mirrors

Now we would like to share the mirrors’ categories on the current market. And below this introduction, all the content will be classified by this category.

Table top mirror

Wall mounted mirror

Multifunctional music Bluetooth mirror

Suction cup mirror

Handheld mirror

Pocket mirror

A simple tip to tell where the battery box is in the LED mirror

Classification of the switch

Diversity of packaging

In order to take good care of the fragile mirrors, various solutions have been figured out by our professional team. Each packaging way addresses each budget need and different distributing channels. But Greenfrom can offer customized packaging according to customer’s requirements.

  • Card board with bubble bag packaging

Cardboard packaging includes white boxes and brown boxes, and this is the most budged method to protect the product. Our plastic mirrors can also be applied with this. Of course, a bubble bag will be added to the box, which ensures the product durable for long-term shipping.

Target customers: offline retailers and chains

  • Egg crate with OPP bag packaging

Greenfrom has developed the exclusive egg crate mould for each model, fitting the size of mirror and its accessories. In this case, mirror can withstand the rough handling during the online delivering process. This is also the budged packaging way chosen by our customers. All of our whole set packaging mirror will be drawn upon this packaging idea.

Target customers: online retailers (amazon, ebay and their official self-built website)

  1. EPE packaging

A upgrade version of egg crate. This is also exclusive to each item, and the material is much softer than the egg crate one. Knocked down packaging mirror will be utilized in this solution.

Target customers: online retailers

  • Styrofoam box with bubble bag

Styrofoam is a way that mirror lying in the foam box which is perfectly suitable for hotel engineering projects. For the fact that it is favorable with cost and easy to unbox.

Target customers: hotel engineer purchasers.

  • Color box with PET fitted plastic frame

Generally, a window will be on the color box showing the details of mirror in supermarket or brick and mortar shop. It is of vitally important to attract the consumers.

Target customers: supermarket promotion and real shop purchasers.

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