What is the different experience of a bathroom connected to a smart bathroom mirror?

The smart home is the lifestyle that everyone is pursuing, and in our home life, the bathroom has become a point of great concern to everyone. What is the different experience of a bathroom connected to a smart bathroom mirror?

  1. Functional mirrors create perfect makeup A mirror with a magnifying glass function can make the face appear more realistic and is a must in the bathroom. With this fixed installation style, you can twist the angle and fix the position at will, and you can find the most suitable posture for looking in the mirror regardless of the height of the body.
  2. Oval beautify the person in the mirror Some mirrors look good when they are photographed. Apart from the quality of the mirror itself, it is sometimes affected by psychological factors. The oval mirror is round in shape, and at the same time, it is visually elongated, which makes people look like the person in the painting. The proportion of the composition is right, and it will naturally feel more beautiful.
  3. Listen to the songs When we take a shower in the bathroom, we sometimes want to listen to songs to relieve fatigue. How can we listen to songs more comfortably? Ordinary bathroom mirrors cannot play songs in the bathroom. You need to take your mobile phone into the bathroom to play it. Although it can play a role in listening to songs, it is said that if you carelessly, your mobile phone may fall into the bathtub and cause the mobile phone to enter water. The time for a good rest becomes the time for repairing the phone, so the “price” to pay is a bit high. The smart bathroom mirror has its own Bluetooth function, you can connect to the Bluetooth with your mobile phone, so that the bathroom mirror will play the songs you want to listen to, and you don’t have to worry about the phone also “showing”.
  4. Time and temperature display Ordinary bathroom mirrors cannot show the time and temperature, while smart bathroom mirrors will have a small LED screen on the mirror surface, which will show the time and temperature. More advanced ones will be added on the basis of time and temperature. the weather forecast, news briefing, etc.
  5. Dream mirror wall system Imitate the mirror wall in the gym to help you take care of your body more comprehensively and meticulously. The mirror wall system integrates washing, storage cabinets and lighting to make the space more tidy and orderly. There are two sizes of single basin and double basin to choose from. Regardless of the size of the bathroom, the mirror wall will enhance its design quality.

The bathroom is where we start a new day after we get up every day. Some smart gadgets may make people feel happy and start the day. Through the smart bathroom mirror, the smart shower can set the temperature and water volume as needed, and even set the lights and music in a personalized way. Coupled with a mirror with voice-activated lighting, you can make makeup easier.

In the future, smart bathroom mirrors will put more effort into the field of human-computer interaction with interactive interfaces, and will lead users to be closer to intuitive humanization with better design, more mature technology and more attentive services. A new era of manipulation in the future.

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