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A professional OEM/ODM makeup mirror factory and will be your reliable partner to take your business to success!

Our factory is located in Jiangmen City, a famous green city situated in the west of Pearl River Delta in China, is the professional ODM & OEM supplier of kinds of cosmetics mirrors. We are built with a complete ISO9001 Quality Management System, as well as BSCI Social Responsibility Management System. Our quality enables most of our products to go gain kinds of standard certificates, such as CE/ ROHS/ REACH/ ETL/ UL, etc. At the same time, we have a strict demand for our products. All the products go through 3 parts quality inspections: materials incoming inspection, semi-product inspection, and finished product inspection.t ultrices aliquam nibh lorem arcu consequat mauris lacus, risus egestas quam dictum enim diam sociis volutpat vel id id non interdum sollicitudin sit est arcu vulputate quis vulputate facilisi in nibh urna.

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